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Your journey from A to Z Discover Romania

Romania is on the cutting edge of dental tourism. Our specialists have trained at highly  levels in their field, and are well known in the world. Many western European countries, France for instance, recruits Romanian doctors.

Our Latin culture, atypical in this part of Europe, makes Romania a unique destination. Romania is considered by many, the most beautiful country in Eastern Europe, Romania still claims regions that host remnants of a medieval past, castles and legends, long since lost elsewhere in Europe. It offers a tapestry of vacation experience: medieval towns in Transylvania, world famous painted monasteries in Bucovina, traditional villages in Maramures, the romantic Danube Delta, the magnificent architecture in Bucharest,the  fairy tale castle of Vlad Tepes, Back Sea resorts, and the majestic Carpathian Mountains.

Romanian people are proud of their Latin origin, very different from their Slav and Hungarian neighbors. The Romanian hospitality is very famous and you will be definitely  attracted by the originality of our art and architecture. 

The Romanian cuisine is mainly based on fresh, organic products from the garden. Also the meat and milk come from the animals raised in the villages. Is well known that Romania produce large quantities of organic food that are competitive on the international market because of the suitable climate and cheap labor.

Travel packages

1st program
Pitesti- Curtea de Arges- Vidraru - return 160 km
Duration: 1 day


  • Curtea de Arges, 16th century monastery. The legend tells that a woman was immured alive in the foundation of the church according to the ancestral rituals - Prince Nagoe Basarab.
  • Fortress Poienari from Corbeni, dating from the 12th century known under the name of castle of Vlad Tepes.
  • Vidraru dam, artificial lake 6th  largest in Europe and 9th in the world.

Note: the route can be accomplished via Trasfagarasan (return from lake Vidraru- Capra) 140 kilometres, route of high altitude with one of the most beautiful sights and wilderness in Europe. Here are the highest of the Carpathian Romanian mountains.


  • Capra waterfall and Balea lake- glacial lake unique in Romania

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2nd program
Pitesti- Campulung- Rucar- Bran- return 210 km
Duration: 1 day


  • Campulung - feudal seat called Negru Voda of the 12th  - 13th century, the Baratiei tower of the 12th century.
  • The Namaiesti monastery and its icon. The legend tells that it has the power to do miracles.
  • Valley of Pravat with the mausoleum devoted to the victims of the First World War.
  • Bran – Bran castle. Majestic castle of the Carpathians, it was the second home of Vlad Tepes. You can have a typically Romanian lunch in a rural house. You can buy various types of cheese: the cheese spread, the cheese cascaval and pickled and also the folk objects built in wood.

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3rd program
Pitesti- Targoviste- Sinaia- Busteni- Predeal- Rasnov- Bran- Rucar- Campulung- Pitesti 304 km
Duration: 1 day


  • Targoviste: Dealu monastery dating from the 16th century. Important cultural centre, it is the place where prince Mihai Viteazu rests (the first prince which unified the country).
  • Posada: the museum of hunting, the Hall of the museum draws the attention of the visitors by the considerable number of the exhibited objects and by the personality of each part.
  • Peles Castle. Renaissance Masterpiece of German architecture. At the beginning of the 20th  century it belonged to the Romanian royal family.
  • Busteni: station at the base of Bucegi mountains, above the valley of Prahova.
  • Rasnov: (…)

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4th program
Pitesti- Bucuresti- Pitesti- return 240 km
Duration: 1 day

  • Bucuresti. The tour of the city includes the most important boulevards, the parks, the monuments and the public buildings. Tours at : Cotroceni Palace, the palace of the Parliament (the second largest building of the world after the Pentagon), national museum of art, and museum of the village. For the night you will be able to choose between the opera and the casino.


5th program
Pitesti- Rm Valcea- Horezu- Baia de Fier- Tg. Jiu - return 330 km
Duration: 1 day


  • Monastery of Govora- built during 16th century.
  • Costesti
  • Monastery of Horezu - unique in the South-east of Europe, built in Brancovan style, located in the under-Carpathian area of Oltenia. The monastic architectural unit was preserved in its original form keeping the impressionist votive frescos of the 18th century. The monastery of Hurezi belongs to the world heritage of UNESCO. You can admire the traditional pottery, the folk costumes, the art of the traditional carpet manufacturing.
  • Targu Jiu - the commemorating house of Constantin Brancusi. He is the founder of the modern sculpture, his work made it possible to define the modern concepts of the sculpture, painting and the industrial design. You will be able to admire his artwork in marble, bronzes and wood.



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