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Medical Tours Company Our offer

MTC’s dental tourism offer can be described in four words that sum up our policy of development: quality, cost, relaxation, and discovery.


Our number one priority is to offer high quality dental treatments in an entirely new and modern office. Take a look at our strong points:

Our doctors are experienced and highly trained professionals. Our partners are available for your follow ups in France. The plan of treatment can be also carried out in France, which will enable you to meet your specialist and to become familiar with of the course of the treatment before undertaking the trip to Romania.

Technology consists in:

  • new chairs that meet the highest standards in the field, featuring an ergonomic design for the comfort of the patient.
  • Amalgam separator: the mercury contained in old fillings in amalgam is collected and stored and not eliminated in the atmosphere (risk of inhalation by the patient).
  • System of internal disinfection: following the example of the less recent systems, the entirety of instrumentation is disinfected (and not only the material in direct contact with the patient), which completely eliminates the risk of transmitting the virus from one patient to another.
  • Oral cameras help the patient to be part of the dental treatment, establishing an accurate image of the case before and after.
  • An electronic microscope, few dental clinics own one, the successful rate of endodontic treatments is noticeably increased, allowing complicated cases to end up well. It is to record dental treatments too for a record of the treatments you have received from us. We wish to be completely transparent to our patients.

The use of leading edge materials and methods available.
Warranty is written in every detail.
Our agreement of quality for a complete transparent record of your visit we will make available to you pictures before and after by microscope for endodontic treatments.



We believe that excellence ought to be affordable for everyone, that’s why, in spite of the quality of our dental practice, our prices remain untouched, and are the most competitive in Europe.


MTC is a concept where people travel abroad for dental treatments and they pay for the whole package – dental and tourist services. We also offer free services such as:

  • transfer between airport, accommodation and dental clinic;
  • we provide you a cell phone with free local calls;
  • booking your accommodation (considering your choice from our three possibilities).



The uniqueness in our concept is the privilege to have partnerships with local companies and organizations. Our policy is not only based on partnership with tour operators from the country of the patients’ origin, their services can be limited in establishing a relationship between the patient and the dental clinic. This allows us to offer to you special services such as:

  • scenic tour having the itinerary Pitesti- Bran- Rucar- Peles (other tours are available, feel free to discover them online);
  • experience the Romanian way of living in a local family;*
  • a free photomontage of your Romanian experience made by a professional;


*starting from summer 2009 through Accommodation- Tradition and Discovery.

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The advantages of a proximity service at best tariffs currently in Europe.

Intervention in Romania by a French specialist in implantology

Consultation and follow-up ensured by the same specialist in his cabinet in France

Implant +ceramic crown from Euro 800

Ceramic crown from Euro 150

Up till 90% saving

All the prices here

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