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Your journey from A to Z About Pitesti

Pitesti is a city of 170,000 inhabitants located in the department of Arges, between the Danube and Carpathians, at 100 km of Bucharest, the two cities being connected by highway. The average temperature varies from 9-10 C to 20.8 C.
The department of Arges has the 4th position in the economic contribution to the Romanian GDP. It notably shelters the Dacia factories of Renault.

The investors find here many opportunities in varied fields such as auto industry, electronics, the information technologies, the textile, the real estate and tourism. The largest companies located within the department, in addition to Renault, are: OMV- Austria, LISA Draexelmayer- Germany, Valeo- France, Johnson controls the USA, International Lear the USA, Seven- Italy, Metro- Germany.

Useful information:

  • The American and the EU citizens do not need entry visa for Romania for any stay of less than 3 months. The European nationals can enter on the territory with a simple identity card.
  • The Romanian currency is the LEU (plural: lei), whose current rate is 3.8 lei for one euro (at the end of November 2008).
  • The taxis are a simple, comfortable and very cheap way of transportation (often less expensive than the subway ticket in France) - their tariffs varying from 0.34 h to 0.47 euro/km. There are several bus lines between the various districts of Pitesti.
    The phone numbers of the main Taxi companies are: Stil- 946, Actual- 941.
  • The car renting is the best means to travel and visit Romania. There are roads between the main cities, gasoline stations and food stores everywhere. To rent a vehicle, it is necessary to have more than 21 years and a driving license as well as an international bank card. The rental tariffs include an unlimited mileage, a standard insurance and a breakdown service 24 h/24.
  • The banks are usually open from 9.00 to 16.00; the stores from 9.00 h to 19.00. Among the interesting things to buy in Romania: pottery, crystal, porcelain, embroideries, paintings on glass and on wood, antiquities
  • The patients can receive free international phone calls on the cell phone which we place at their disposal. In order to call, they have the possibility of buying prepaid cards.

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